From Rio to Paris, in touch with Kakie

Team Kakie Roubaud

Kakie Roubaud is a french-brazilian journalist, film director and producer. She grew up in Northern East Brazil, the soul and the belly of the country. In Paris, she worked for Tvs, radio, paper medias and web sites. She covered social, economical and political changes in countries such as Soudian Arabia or South Africa and travelled the Southern Hemisphere with her family. As she was running documentaries for the European channel ARTE , she settled in Rio in 2008 and she founded Iansan. She is now both based in Brazil and France.

The Woman who saw the Bear is her network. From Amazonia to Sao Paulo, Fortaleza or Quebec, her partners connect the planet to the outstanding stories of their places.

iansan focuses on fixing, deep investigations, good characters and strong stories.

iansan does not illustrate cliches and refuses sensationalism.

PARIS +33 7 51 40 67 06 | | La femme qui a vu lours

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With a 4 wheel drive and a boat, they feel at home in the deep forest ! These logisticians live in Belem

He produces any kind of sounds and music. Grown up in Rio de Janeiro, he lives in Paris.

She is a graphic designer, studied design in the Netherlands and lives in Sao Paulo.

He works as an independent cameraman for the French, mainly ArteTv. He is a drone operateur as well and lives in Paris.

He is a cameraman for the belgium tv but works as an independent technician as well. He lives half time in Liège Belgium half time in Salvador da Bahia.

She is an artist, works as a field producer and a social media manager. She lives part in Maceio Brasil, part in Miami.

She is a webmaster and builds databases. She spent years in Paris, Santiago do Chile and is back in Fortaleza.

He is a sound engineer, works with sound recording and mixing. Specialized in VR sound, he lives in Rio.